Monday, July 18, 2011

Vinograd, McCluney Request Input on TGRF

Yossi Vinograd and Ross McCluney just called on NFRC members to provide their input on the Task Group Request Form issued earlier this month by the Translucent Panel Visible Transmittance (VT) Task Group (TG).

The TGRF concerns the development of a ballot aimed at improving NFRC’s ratings for certified translucent products – specifically flat translucent daylighting panels.

The central issue here is whether information found in NFRC’s Certified Products Directory (CPD) may be misinterpreted.

Currently, users find the value, “-1” under the VT column. The TG is concerned that users may interpret this as a dash followed by the value, “1,” which according to some can indicate a 100 percent VT value, which is unachievable.

The Translucent Panel Visible Transmittance (VT) Task Group is utilizing the TGRF process to obtain input on the NFRC 202 VT Test Procedure. They will propose a ballot later this fall that provides a method for measuring the VT for translucent glazing, which is based on existing translucent VT measurements established by ASTM International standards.

These standards are known as ASTM E 972 and ASTM E1084. They would allow NFRC to physically test panels that currently cannot be measured using existing NFRC methods. The ASTM standards have been recognized by translucent product manufacturers for many years.

While the TG recognizes this step may not represent a final solution, they believe it represents progress.

The TGRF is available here.

Please feel free to provide your comments.

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