Thursday, November 10, 2011

From Skeptic to Task Group Chair, Best finds Value in NFRC Membership Meeting

Catherine Best (Benson Industries) was initially skeptical about getting involved with NFRC.

She soon found, however, she could offer the membership valuable insight on the process NFRC uses to create testing guidelines for the certification of commercial products.

“At first, I wasn’t sure how I could make in impact,” Best said. “But once I started coming to the meetings, I found it was much easier than I thought because the group encouraged me to come forward with my thoughts and ideas.”

Best soon overcame her skepticism, and today she serves as the Chair of the CMA Technical Task Group. Her efforts in this Task Group have resulted in some key recommendations for improving CMAST.

Best says she’s become a better listener from being involved with NFRC, a newfound skill she finds useful in many aspects of her career.

“By listening to the wide range of views on the issues NFRC deals with, I’ve learned to truly understand someone else’s point of view even though I may not necessarily agree with it,” she said, “In the end, this makes consensus easier to reach, and that creates greater benefit for everyone.”

Based on her positive experience with NFRC, Best hopes to become a member during 2012.

“Now I can see the strong impact even one person can have on the ballots being presented through the committees and subcommittees,” Best concluded. “I look forward to staying involved.”

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  1. Glad to see you making a difference. Thanks for being onboard.