Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Committee Week Meeting Wrap-Up: Research and Technology

Research and Technology Committee
Chair, Dave De Block, reported to the board and had two motions approved during this morning's open Board of Directors meeting.
Research Subcommittee: 

Action: Request a motion to make the Window 6-Therm 6 Validation Research Project final report due by the NFRC Fall 2012 Membership meeting.  

Board approved unanimously.

: The Complex VT Rating Research Project received one bid form University of California-Davis (UCD).  UCD is negotiating with the NFRC on the intellectual property (IP) rights for the development of the project. The Research and Technology Committee requests the Board provide guidance on ownership of the IP developed for the project and the requirement that NFRC take ownership of any device created under the research.  

: The CMA Improved Algorithm Research Project is progressing well with expected completion by the Fall 2012 Membership meeting.
Thermophysical Properties of Materials Subcommittee

: Request a motion for the approval of the NFRC 101 ballot and implementation upon publication.  NFRC 103 will be terminated (the new NFRC 101 document now includes NFRC 103 procedures)

Board approved unanimously.

Optical Properties Subcommittee:

: LBNL reported progress on the Glazing Interlaboratory Comparison and expects to complete the full report by the Fall 2012 Membership meeting. LBNL also reported good progress on the Complex Glazing Interlaboratory Comparison with more testing data due prior to completion.

The NFRC 302 TG expects to develop an NFRC 302 ballot for the Fall 2012 Membership meeting.  Information from the Glazing ILC will be considered during ballot development.

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