Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hanlon Sees Harmonization Between IVP, CPD

Scott Hanlon, NFRC Program Director, just informed members that the Independent Verification Program (IVP) will be a permanent addition to the organization’s rating process, advancing its ability to provide reliable energy performance ratings.

Hanlon praised the IVP, saying it ultimately protects and preserves the integrity of NFRC’s programs and ratings while fulfilling the organization’s commitment to the serve the public.

One way the IVP serves the public is by making it easy to determine which products have undergone testing.

“Consumers will see some harmonization between the IVP and our certified products directory,” Hanlon said. “Products will be flagged, clearly indicating they were selected.”

NFRC will administer the entire IVP program, which will be fully implemented in January 2013.

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