Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bipin Shah Leads Discussion on Solar Heat Gain

Bipin Shah of WinBuild led the Solar Heat Gain Subcommittee through a discussion regarding the language to be used to discuss the solar heat gain of garage (vehicular access) doors.

New language for garage doors was initially balloted in the Fall 2009. Although no negatives were received, comment feedback was substantive enough to warrant refinement to the proposed language. One change in the NFRC 200 involved the removal the wording, “edge-of-glazing parameter.” The motion passed and will be implemented upon publication

An editorial negative brought forward regarding the removal of parenthesis was withdrawn in the NFRC 200 TI, and the motion passed.

In the NFRC 201 – 2010 TI, a ballot was intended to add currently approved Technical Interpretation language from the 2001/2004 Technical Interpretations Manual (EOA30).

One negative in this ballot called for the removal any language currently used in the NFRC 201. The motion was recommended to be sent to TIPC for further work. Sending the motion to TIPC passed by voice vote.

In closing, the subcommittee recommended the formation of a SHGC task group, but there were no volunteers for a chair for the group. Jeff Baker and Bipin Shah agreed to review the subject offline.

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