Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Technical Committee Meeting Concludes First Half of Day

The Technical Committee wrapped up the first part of the day’s business by taking action on items presented by its subcommittees, including passing motions to:
  • Move to the NFRC Board to approve the adoption of the Base Case windows in the NFRC 100A Ballot for use by all attachments, with the exception of applied films and DASD, in the NFRC 100A and 200A technical procedures.
  • Move to the Board to approve Window6/Therm 6 software for CMAST (Component Modeling Approach Software Tool).
  • Recommend that the Technical Committee chair ask the Ratings Committee chair to form a task group (under the Ratings Committee) to develop an annual energy rating.
  • Revise the scope of the Annual Energy Performance (AEP) Subcommittee (which is currently limited to homes) so that it includes other buildings.
  • Move the Air Leakage Ballot as revised by the subcommittee for Board approval to be implemented upon publication. (NFRC staff will look into NFRC governing documents regarding the rounding of values for Air Leakage ratings).
  • Move the NFRC 400 – TI Ballot for Board approval to be implemented upon publication.
  • Remove language that commercial garage doors are not allowed in the definition of Garage Doors listed in NFRC 100.
  • Forward the CMA Complex Products Ballot as modified (without Section by the CMA Technical Subcommittee for NFRC 100 CMA section 5.9 to the Board for approval.
After the Technical Committee finished addressing these and other actions items from its subcommittees, Committee Chair Jeff Baker discussed NFRC’s documents revision cycle. He encouraged anyone with thoughts on the matter to share them with him before the Board meeting.

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