Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Discussion on Section 4.1 of NFRC 100 Starts Second Day of Meeting

The Research and Technical Committee Block kicked off the second day of NFRC’s Spring Membership Meeting this morning, with the Thermophysical Property of Materials subcommittee meeting to discuss two key negatives in the ballots regarding Section 4.1 of NFRC’s 101.

First, the meeting got underway when Joe Hayden of Pella Corporation provided a comment on disapproving the changing of the wording “highest” to “arithmetic average” in Section 4.1. Hayden said he believes it is in NFRC’s best interest to keep word “highest” to maintain a conservative approach.

Hayden’s point was found to be persuasive and substantive, and the motion passed 16-3.

Secondly, Willie duPont of Sunergy asked that NFRC staff edit Section 4.1 of NFRC’s 100 to ensure that the use of numbering is consistent. The issue here is that duPont believes the entire document needs to have each major paragraph numbered, the same way it is in other NFRC documents. This motion passed unanimously. Shortly afterwards, the meeting adjourned.

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