Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Task Group Discusses Terms and Definitions

The Research and Technology Committee block continued as the NFRC 600-Glossary and Terminology Task Group convened.

Task Group Chair Charlie Curcija opened the meeting, followed by Ray McGowan, NFRC’s senior program manager, who reported that NFRC is working to make sure that NFRC 100 and 200 are in good shape for ANSI accreditation.

Then, McGowan presented a report on NFRC 600 definitions being added back to all NFRC documents hosting NFRC 600 included definitions. McGowan said it will take some time to accomplish this task, but NFRC recently hired a technical documents coordinator, Robin Merrifield, to focus on maintaining NFRC’s technical and program documents.

The task group then turned its attention to the NFRC 600 Glossary Ballot. Where appropriate the NFRC 600 task group modified this document to harmonize it with AAMA’s AG-08, but kept some NFRC definitions as is.

After reviewing and discussing a handful of comments on the ballot, the task group passed a motion to move the document as edited to the Research and Technology Committee, which meets later this morning.

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