Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Technical Block Underway

The Technical Committee block started with the Software and the Annual Energy Performance Subcommittee meetings.

The Software Subcommittee heard reports from NFRC staff on the CMAST Approval Task Group and Window6/Therm6 (W6/T6) Approval Task Group, then approved a motion to approve W6/T6 for CMAST (Component Modeling Approach Software Tool).

During the Annu
al Energy Performance (AEP) Subcommittee meeting, Chair Tom Culp posed the question, “Where do we want to go next?” After a discussion about the future direction of NFRC 901 and AEP, the subcommittee passed two motions.

The first recommends to t
he Technical Committee and the Board that a Task Group be formed under the Ratings Committee to develop an annual energy performance rating. The second motion called for revising the scope of the AEP Subcommittee, expanding it beyond just homes to include other buildings.

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