Monday, November 8, 2010

Hanlon Discusses Survey Results During PCP TG Meeting

During this morning’s Product Certification Program (PCP) Review Task Group Meeting, NFRC’s Director of Existing Programs, Scott Hanlon, presented the results of a survey that solicited concerns on placing the full Certified Product Directory (CPD) number on the temporary label.

The inclusion of the full number on the label was approved by NFRC’s Board of Directors (BOD) during spring 2010 and slated for implementation by January 2012. The survey was conducted to determine specifically what potential obstacles were foreseen.

Hanlon reported that implementation emerged as the primary concern. Many respondents indicated they were unsure whether they could readily gain access to needed information, update appropriate databases, and complete required software modifications. These respondents also said the time and cost associated with resolving these issues would be burdensome.

Other respondents indicated they feared such a change would increase the likelihood of mislabeling while adding complexity to the labeling process.

NFRC Chair, Joe Hayden, said the ultimate goal of this initiative should be to enable NFRC customers of every description to be able to simply remove the label from a product, enter it into their computer, and have just one product show up in NFRC’s CPD.

Hanlon plans to convey the results of the survey to the Certification Policy Committee (CPC) and to NFRC’s BOD for review. In the meantime, however, the initiative will move forward, and barring any intervention, will not be revised.

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