Monday, November 8, 2010

Windows May Have a Future in PGE's Sustainable Electric System Initiative

Larson speaks about PGE's sustainable electric system
The Opening Session got underway with Duane Larson, Director, Mass Market Energy Solutions and Service Integrated Demand-side Management, for Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE) delivering the keynote speech.

Larson began his presentation by pointing out that Newsweek magazine ranked PGE the greenest utility in the U.S. in 2009. Accordingly, his presentation was entitled, “Enabling a Sustainable Electric System.”

Larson emphasized the need for PGE to promote renewable energy. In promoting this initiative, the company has undertaken an initiative to educate the public regarding energy use management. PGE seeks to provide this education by understanding its customers on a personal level so it can provide them with customized advice on how to save energy.

“It’s all about working together so we can help create an integrated management system inside the customer’s home,” Larson said. “This helps us become partners with our customers, and it puts PGE in a great position to deliver solutions for managing costs.”

During the question and answer session, Marc LaFrance (DOE) asked Larson how he sees windows fitting into PGE’s future.

Larson responded, saying that utility providers across California are always open to considering new technologies and implementing incentives depending on the potential gains.

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