Monday, November 8, 2010

Garage Door SHGC TG Discusses NFRC 200/201

The Garage Door Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) Task Group met this morning and discussed the NFRC 200 and 201.

This working Task Group is charged with drafting a revised method of calculating garage door SHGC for inclusion in NFRC 200 based on the absorptance of the non-glazed areas. A new default absorptance will be evaluated and checked against NFRC 201 for accuracy. The group’s work is subject to review as necessary by NFRC’s SHGC Subcommittee.

Chair, Joe Hetzel, (DASMA), reported that a change to NFRC 200 following this summer’s virtual meeting removes the requirement for a specific panel size for garage doors, rather than being descriptive, and allows the manufacturer to make this determination.

Hetzel also discussed DASMA’s research on testing to NFRC 201. Several members expressed concern about calculating the SHGC of garage doors with just 20 – 25 percent glazing.

In certain cases, the SHGC was found to be 0.09. Testing conducted per NFRC 201, however, validates the calculation methods in NFRC 200.

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