Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Criteria for Labeling Attachment Products Figures Prominently in Afternoon Discussions

McFee facilitated discussion on attachments label criteria
NFRC 712, Section Six Ballot

John McFee, Ratings Committee Vice Chair filling in as Attachments Subcommittee Chair, spent most of the afternoon session guiding a discussion regarding the criteria for labeling attachment products.

The discussion focused primarily on Section 6 of the NFRC 712.

The main issue came about when questions formed on the use of currently defined “non-residential” was challenged. The ballot was sent back from the initial substantive negative and the TG is asked to develop new language for the definition of non-residential properties for the use of an Attachment Label Certificate.

One of the key concerns that emerged was whether language in the section 6.6 should give attachment products the option of putting the temporary label on either the product itself or on the packaging.

Those most concerned asserted that requiring both a temporary label and a permanent label to be placed directly on the product is the best practice.

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