Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Skoglund Says First Face-to-Face Meeting Offered Practical Knowledge, Won't Be Her Last

Stephanie Skoglund (Stork Twin City) is finding value in her first face-to-face NFRC meeting, acquiring unique knowledge and making new contacts.

Skoglund has been a simulator for six years and was motivated to attend the meeting after being encouraged by her colleagues to get more involved with NFRC’s activities and programs.

Driving Skoglund’s motivation is her desire to learn more about the future of third-party certification in the fenestration industry and in green and sustainable building in general.

Aside from listening to the proceedings and discovering more about how NFRC’s consensus-based process works, she has spent considerable time meeting clients she has worked with in the past and networking with peers.

“I am really enjoying my time here because I’m gaining a lot of practical knowledge from industry experts,” Skoglund said. “It will be great to take this back to my office and start putting it to good use right away.”

Skoglund says the most valuable aspect of the meeting has been building stronger relationships with her clients through one-on-one contact in an environment that is conducive to teamwork.

“This may be my first meeting, but it definitely won’t be my last,” Skoglund concluded.

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  1. This is wonderful to see a first-time commer getting to experience the NFRC Membership and the full rounded schedule. A simulator's understanding and wide range of experience is such a great influence and advocate on the industry and I'm looking forward to seeing more with Stephanie and what she can bring to the NFRC Membership Meetings.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your first meeting. We're always happy to welcome new talent.