Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ballot Regarding VT Testing on Translucent Products to Be Revised, Resubmitted in March

Lisa Winckler presides over today's SHGC discussions
The Solar Heat Gain Subcommittee undertook its work this morning, addressing three ballots with Chair Lisa Winckler (Solution, Inc.) leading the proceedings.

NFRC 202 VT Testing Ballot

This ballot is aimed at making modifications to the NFRC 200 that allows VT testing on translucent panels per the proposed 202 procedure being balloted concurrently as, “NFRC 202 VT Testing Ballot.”

The primary issue involved is for NFRC to accept the ASTM E1084 and E972 combined procedures for rating products and to provide additional details on the method of product translation between repeated measurements to obtain a properly area-weighted average of the VT over the area of the product being tested. This topic arose out of one assertion that NFRC currently publishes incomplete data for translucent products.

Following considerable discussion, the ballot will be revised and resubmitted during NFRC’s spring membership meeting.

NFRC 200 Caming-Divider Ballot

The purpose of this ballot is to revise existing language, removing redundancies regarding caming and dividers. Further revisions would be made to the Frame Group Leaders decisions for determining the frame and divider representative for the SHGC/VT 0&1 Center-of-Glazing value.

One negative asserting that Section 5.2 does not clearly state that the caming needs to be accounted for in the SHGC and VT calculations was found non-persuasive. Another negative asked that the ballot not be approved unless there is no impact on door SHGC caming when compared to clear glass was withdrawn.

A motion to move this ballot forward to the Technical Committee for approval and implementation upon publication passed in a close vote, 13-11.

NFRC 200 CMA Reporting Ballot

This ballot calls for removing the reporting language for CMA SHGC results because all reporting requirements are to be documented in NFRC’s series of 701 publications.
In particular, the NFRC 701.03-2011, Section 1.1.2, outlines the reporting requirements for NFRC 100 and NFRC 200 simulations per the CMA program.

One member commented on the ballots, saying that while he agreed with removing the reporting requirements from the NFRC 200, the verbiage helps describe what is being done. He further suggested removing the table while retaining all the language except for anything that pertains to the table.

The ballot was approved with editorial changes and will move forward to the Technical Committee.

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