Monday, November 7, 2011

Keynote Speaker White Praises CMA, NFRC's Educational Outreach to ICC

Don White, Plans Examiner for the City of Las Vegas and Secretary/Treasurer of the International Code Council’s (ICC) Southern Nevada Chapter delivered the keynote address during today’s opening session.

White explained that NFRC has “greatly contributed to improving awareness of the importance of commercial window certification” through its CMA program.

White commented that during the Las Vegas “Boom Period” of commercial building the city was using “tons” of glass but not getting compliance. “We were putting up many office parks, mega resorts, casinos, and high-rise condos, but none of the glass was certified,” White said.

White pointed out that one key problem facing the development of commercial building energy codes for site built projects was the lack of viable information.

He described how searching for answers resulted in the discovery of misinformation rather than the “real deal.” The ICC began to experience frustration with certifying site built projects and began to feel there was no one available to provide the expertise they needed to resolve this challenge.

Shortly afterwards, NFRC’s outreach to the building energy codes community brought White, the Southern Nevada Chapter of the ICC, and NFRC together. White says it was NFRC that finally provided the expertise he sought by providing the ICC's Southern Nevada chapter with an educational presentation on CMAST.

“NFRC understands the day in and day out problems of building energy code officials,” White said. “I’d like to see the organization continue expanding its educational outreach because there is a strong need for it – not just in Southern Nevada but all over the country.”

Following White’s presentation one member asked how NFRC could help CMAST grow. White responded by advising NFRC to continue supporting events like EduCode and to stay involved in the code development process.

White also suggested that NFRC reach out to the state energy offices, informing them about its educational programs for the officials or to support consultants who can do this on NFRC's behalf.

White believes this is critical because all the pressure to certify windows on site built projects will come from state energy offices.

“NFRC is making the world sustainable,” White said during his closing remarks. “Please keep that up.”

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