Monday, July 20, 2009

Attachments Task Groups Finish Early

Some of the first task group meetings of the morning completed their work ahead of schedule.

One of the first topics to emerge during the meeting was the formation of two new groups as part of the Interior and Exterior Attachments Task Group.

The first new task group is the PCP Language group, and the second is the Optical Properties Task Group, which already has a handful of existing members but is still seeking more.

Later in the meeting, the Awnings Task Group reviewed a research report from Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL) on complex attachments.

The Attachments block of task group meetings concluded with a discussion of U-factor being the most important topic in preparing technical specifications for various attachment products. Several attachment manufacturers stressed the need to focus on rating attachments, not windows. Several people in attendance also mentioned the importance of attachment product manufacturers being fully aware of how NFRC 100 and NFRC 200 apply to their products.

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