Monday, July 20, 2009

Joe Hayden Announces NFRC's New Strategic Initiative

Joe Hayden announced that the NFRC Board of Directors retreat yielded a new strategic initiative for the organization.

Hayden sees the new initiative as an update and refinement to NFRC's previous strategic initiative.
He praised the new version as being progressive and more responsive to the current needs of the public and the fenestration industry.

The National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC) Strategic Initiative is as follows:


NFRC is the recognized leader in energy performance rating and certification programs for fenestration products.


NFRC develops and administers energy-related rating and certification programs that serve the public by providing fair, accurate and credible information on fenestration performance.

Core Values

Commitment to the public interest by providing fair, accurate and credible ratings

Consensus driven process - Varied interests working together crafting a balanced approach to our work

Respect all input from stakeholders

Protect and preserve the integrity of the NFRC and its programs and ratings


Deliver valid, usable data to all customers (public/building industry/ code officials/government)

Deliver a successful energy rating program to the commercial fenestration industry

Deliver an improved and simplified rating program for the residential fenestration industry

Deliver new rating procedures and programs for existing and emerging technologies

Hayden Poses a Challenge

Joe Hayden concluded his opening remarks today with a challenge.

One of the things Hayden stressed during his presentation was the need to continually seek creative new ideas rather than doing the same things the same way they have always been done without really knowing why.

Hayden asked the audience to complete the following sentence:

"The one paradigm that NFRC most needs to challenge is…"

NFRC invites our online readers to also submit their answers to staff at headquarters.

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