Monday, July 20, 2009

Validation Testing Task Group Brings Morning Meetings to a Close

The morning task group meetings have just concluded.

The Validation Testing Task Group, chaired by Sneh Kumar from TRACO considered proposed changes to Section 5.6 of the PCP regarding validation testing until a quality control program.

Randy Van Voorst raised a concern about this task group’s ability to review quality control programs for IAs because it is now within its scope.

At one point, Sneh proposed changing language found in the Same Product Type section. Currently, to be considered the same product type, the U-factor must be no more than .01. Sneh thought amount this might be too stringent and proposed re-wording the document, changing the difference in U-factor to .02 or five percent, whichever is higher.

Joe Hayden, however, raised a concern over whether this was an arbitrary criterion and suggested using more carefully researched and quantifiable.

The meeting adjourned after agreeing to assess the language more carefully to determine how to best proceed.

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