Monday, July 20, 2009

Policy Block Concludes Day's Business

The final business of the day concluded with the Policy block, featuring three committee meetings.

Marcia Falke, chair of the Accreditation Policy Committee, started the track. The APC oversees NFRC’s Laboratory Accreditation Program (LAP). NFRC LAP Manager Dennis Anderson provided the staff report and noted that he and Bipin Shah are reviewing the South African laboratory inspection report now. Hopefully, they will become an NFRC-accredited by the fall.

The APC moved into unfinished business, which included a discussion on whether to keep the reporting requirements in NFRC 701 or to re-locate them within each technical (i.e., test method) document.

Business then turned to the Technical Interpretation Policy Committee. Committee Chair Tom Culp opened the meeting and explained its mission to new attendees. Culp solicited feedback from the group about the situation of testing a skylight that can be either a single pane or double-pane product.

The Policy block concluded with the Certification Policy Committee meeting, which included discussions about Insulated Glass (IG) certification and other issues.

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