Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Certification SC Moves Four Ballots

The Certification Subcommittee, chaired by Joe Jonely of Amsco Windows, moved four ballots forward to the Ratings Committee, including the:

  • NFRC 700-2010 Private Labeler Ballot

  • NFRC 700-2010 Thermo-Physical Ballot, but only after vigorous discussion of a negative, submitted and withdrawn by Jim Krahn of Marvin Windows & Doors regarding Appendix B of NFRC 101

  • NFRC 700-2010 Applied Films (U-Factor) Ballot

  • NFRC 700-2010 Lineal Supplier Ballot

The subcommittee concluded its business by passing a motion that the Certification Subcommittee establish a mandatory date of April 1, 2010, requiring the highlighting of the door matrix label as listed in the NFRC 700 Figure B.2.

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