Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CMA Tech SC Advances NFRC 100 Sec. 5.9

Among its business this morning, the Component Modeling Approach (CMA) Technical Subcommittee advanced NFRC 100 Section 5.9 and delayed development of a rating procedure for complex products.

TRACO’s Mike Manteghi, chair of the CMA Technical Subcommittee, opened the meeting, followed by a report from the subcommittee’s CMA Technical Task Group.

Sneh Kumar of TRACO gave an update on behalf of the task group noting that it had balloted NFRC 100 Section 5.6 language and decided to move CMA to a new Section 5.9.

The task group is working to clean up the document and make it more consistent with what’s been approved so far, he said. Later in the meeting, the subcommittee passed a motion to move NFRC 100 Section 5.9 to the Technical Committee for approval.

Complex Products Ballot Delayed
The subcommittee then focused on the CMA Complex Products – NFRC 100, Section 5.9.6 ballot. The ballot involved the development of a rating procedure for all complex products.

The subcommittee discussed the first negative, from Birch Point Consulting, LLC. Its negative said that corner products should be removed, due to the level of complexity it would add to the CMA at such an early stage of the program. The subcommittee passed a motion finding the negative comment to be persuasive and substantive.

Next, the group discussed Pella/EFCO’s recommendation to shelve this ballot for at least one year to allow the industry to focus on getting CMA up and running with simple product configurations. The negative comment went on to state that after “CMA is established...we can regroup and draw on a year's experience with CMAST to determine how best to tackle complex products.” The subcommittee passed a motion finding the comment to be persuasive and substantive.

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