Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CMA Ratings SC Moves NFRC 705 Ballot Forward

The CMA Ratings Subcommittee held what likely was its shortest meeting ever. After Co-chair Mike Manteghi of TRACO opened the subcommittee meeting, Sneh Kumar, also of TRACO, reported on the activities of the CMA Complex Products Task Group.

Kumar noted that earlier this afternoon the CMA Technical Subcommittee had passed a motion to delay the development of complex products ratings. This means that the task group now has to figure out what to do, he explained.

NFRC Chair Joe Hayden then reiterated that the negative comment from Pella/EFCO that called for shelving the ballot for a year did so because the ballot referred to all attachment products. However, he said that the negative comment did not mean to discourage individual complex products from coming forward in that period.

The subcommittee then proceeded to act on the NFRC 705-2010 Ballot. After the subcommittee found the single comment on the NFRC 705-2010 ballot to be editorial and persuasive, it passed a motion to approve the NFRC 705 -2010 Ballot and forward it to the Ratings Committee for approval with implementation upon publication.

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