Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SHGC Subcommittee Addresses Several Ballots

The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Subcommittee convened Wednesday morning under the leadership of Vice Chair Bipin Shah, WinBuild, Inc., and addressed several ballots.

First up was the NFRC 200 Dynamic Attachments for Swinging Doors ballot, which received no negatives or approvals with comment and which was approved and moved forward to the Technical Committee for approval into the 200-2004 and 200-2010 documents, with implementation upon publication.

After disposing of several negatives and approvals with comment, the subcommittee next approved the NFRC 200 Applied Film Ballot and moved it forward to Technical Committee for approval into the 200-2010 document, with implementation upon publication.

The NFRC 200 WINDOW6/THERM6 Software ballot did not fare so well, as multiple negatives were ruled persuasive and the subcommittee voted to return the document to task group for further review. The group did the same with the NFRC 200 Garage Door Ballot.

Subcommittee Reaffirms NFRC 200, 201 for 2010
As its final actions, the subcommittee reaffirmed the NFRC 200-2004 and NFRC 201-2004 documents with approved changes as NFRC 200-2010 and NFRC 201-2010, and forwarded them to the Technical Committee for approval, with implementation upon publication and direction to sunset the 2004 documents at the same time.

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