Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Attendees Hear Latest on Complex Fenestration

Steve Selkowitz, of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), concluded the day’s program with a presentation on “complex” glazing, shading, and fenestration systems. Complex fenestration refers to fenestration coupled with attachments (e.g., awnings, shades, blinds).

Selkowitz, who serves on the NFRC Board of Directors, discussed a three-day workshop on complex fenestration that took place at LBNL in early June. The workshop covered the latest issues surrounding complex fenestration, including its role in annual energy performance.

The workshop also presented information on bi-directional scatter data function, or BSDF, which includes both reflectance and transmission information through complex glazing systems. BSDF provides a way to characterize all angles of solar incidence.

According to Selkowitz, getting on a pathway to developing ratings for complex fenestration systems will require:
  • Defining/redefining users and their needs.
  • Starting with existing simulation tools.
  • Adding/developing new simulation capabilities.
  • Enhancing characterization capabilities.
  • Developing target audience tool interfaces.
  • Deploying, testing, and evaluating projects.
  • Building an infrastructure.
For more information, visit windows.lbl.gov/software/cfsworkshop.

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