Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NFRC Members Show Passion in Morning’s First Meeting

NFRC's members have always shown tremendous passion for the organization’s activities and programs. That passion was clearly evident in the spirited and lengthy discussions during the Thermophysical Properties of Materials Subcommittee meeting.

Chair Charlie Curcija opened the discussion, which quickly focused heavily on the language found in Appendix B of NFRC 101. The pivotal issue was that some of the information was conflicting and therefore unclear in its meaning and scope.

A motion passed that sends NFRC 101 to the Task Group for review and to develop one appendix from existing Appendices A and B. Soon thereafter, a second motion passed unanimously to direct the Task Group to reconsider the approach/concept of Appendix C, manufacturer-specific materials, and return a recommendation to the membership.

Curcija urged members who voted negative to participate in the Task Group.

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