Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glossary and Terminology Task Group Seeks Clarity

Members of the Glossary and Terminology Task Group exchanged ideas on how to improve some of NFRC’s written materials by altering the definitions of various terms.

One of the key points of clarity the group sought was assuring a clear distinction in the definitions for “commercial buildings” and “commercial fenestration.”

The definition of the term “double sash product” also came into question during the discussion. A motion that passed unanimously called for reconsideration of the definition as used in section 5.6 of NFRC 100.

Soon afterwards, the definition of cellular shades arose for review. The discussion centered on whether various images should be included with the definition. Some felt the images created confusion, while others believed the images were useful for differentiating products. A motion put forth to add terminology identifying the images merely as examples of certain kinds of products passed unanimously.

Another key topic during this meeting was the definition of “Roman shade.” Some members argued the existing definition was not comprehensive enough. Others believed it should remain as it is. Ultimately, a motion brought forth asking for elaboration of the existing definition passed unanimously.

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