Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Discussions on Software, Air Leakage, U-factor,

NFRC members shared a wide range of opinions during three consecutive Subcommittee meetings this afternoon.

Software Subcommittee

Joe Hayden presented an update of Window 6/Therm 6, and shortly afterwards Charlie Curcija discused his validation and comparison study of CMAST. The study is two-thirds complete, and the final report is slated to be finished by July 31, 2009. Curcija added that documentation and intitial training for CMAST is complete.

During the meeting, a motion was presented asking the Software Subcommittee to recommend CMAST approval, including W6/T6 for use in the CMA Pilot Program contingent on Board approval of the final CMAST validation and comparison study report.

The motion was approved with 15 in favor, five not in favor and 14 abstentions.

Air Leakage Subcommittee

Chair Michael Thoman, Architectural Testing, Inc. initiated the proceedings by inviting reports. One of the primary reports came from the Air Leakage Task Group, which reported working diligently on updating NFRC 400 to eliminate duplicates and discrepencies and modifying the language to include other test standards to qualify under NFRC 400. The Air Leakage will continue in this endeavor.

U-Factor Subcommittee

Early in the meeting, Dave DeBlock reported on the Tubular Daylighting Device Task Group, and informed the group on the progress of two key projects currently underway. These are Visible Transmittance and U-factor. DeBlock anticipates having detailed reports for the next NFRC Membership Meeting.

Joe Hetzel reported that he expects the Garage/Rolling Door Task Group to dissolve once it completes its final three projects. These include finalizing the details of the simulation manual, affirming procedures within NFRC 100 and 102 (which appears to be completed), and affirming effective vertical jamb hardwares.

The Skylight Task Group has not meet since last meeting. There are some lingering questions about mounting and product ratings, and progress is pending.

A discussion regarding the maximum air gap in residential reference product was sent back to Task Group for review and recommendation.

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