Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Research Subcommittee Reports on Status of Projects

Late this morning, the Research Subcommittee convened as part of the Research and Technology Committee block. Subcommittee Chair Bipin Shah welcomed attendees to the meeting, which included updates on several ongoing research projects.

Ray McGowan, NFRC’s Senior Research and Technology Manager, presented a financial summary of NFRC’s research program. NFRC expects to have $1.4 million available through 2014 for research.

The subcommittee also heard updates on several projects:
  • Charlie Curcija discussed the Condensation Resistance Procedure for CMA research project; he reported that the Task Group will meet to discuss the final report. The Subcommittee then passed a motion to extend the deadline for this research project until the Fall Membership Meeting.

  • Dave De Block reported that the Tubular Daylighting Devices U-factor Rating Task Group recently received the updated report and is aiming to have the revised report for the Fall 2009 Membership Meeting. The Subcommittee passed a motion to extend the research project’s deadline until the end of the year.
  • NFRC Chair Joe Hayden and Willie Dupont discussed the WINDOW 6/THERM 6 Validation Research project. The first task – a literature search that identified existing SHGC and U-factor calculation methodologies – is complete. Most of the second task is completed, with 25 of 26 SHGC tests finished and 19 of 20 U-factor tests complete. The project’s current tasks include identifying exact shade locations, slat spacing, and orientation. The subcommittee passed a motion to extend the research project deadline until Fall 2009 Membership Meeting.

  • Ross McCluney and Christian Kohler updated the Subcommittee on the Complex VT Rating Research Project. The sensors have been recalibrated and measurements will begin. The project is expected to produce data before the next NFRC meeting and some of it will be shared with the group. McCluney felt that the research is progressing, though some parts are proceeding slower than expected. He wants to meet with the project participants this week before the Summer Meeting adjourns.

  • John Gant provided an update on the Attached Awning Ratings Research. This research project was put out for bid after the NFRC Spring 2009 Membership Meeting. NFRC received one proposal, submitted by Sunpine Consulting. Gant reported that the Task Group voiced support for the Sunpine proposal. The Subcommittee subsequently passed a motion to award the work to Sunpine Consulting.
The Subcommittee then moved on to unfinished business. Hayden suggested that NFRC resurrect the Research Manual Task Group to address ways to reduce turn-around time on future research projects.

The Subcommittee meeting concluded with a presentation, conducted via conference call, from Margaret Webb, CHRP, executive director of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA). The presentation addressed an IGMA research project focusing on the development of a test protocol for argon permeability through insulating glass units (IGUs). Webb said that the objective is to develop an improved test method for measuring the gas loss rate from a sealed insulating glass unit and to develop a test method using standard size IGU. After the presentation, the Subcommittee recommended to move the request forward to be considered for approval. One stipulation of approval is that IGMA report the project status to the Research Subcommittee at each NFRC membership meeting and forward the same information to the Research and Technology Committee and the NFRC Board of Directors.

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